ARDOGRES Ceramic Slate vs Slate

What are the differences between natural materials (slate, stone, wood) and porcelain stoneware?

ARDOGRES® Ceramic Slate VS Slate, Natural Stone and Wood: what we need to evaluate when we want to design or renovate a roof with unique charm

Slate, stone, and wood roofs continue to witness millennia-old traditions that can be found in all European countries and beyond.
We refer, among the many existing in Italy, to slate from Liguria, losa from Valle d'Aosta, and wooden shingle.

Today, to have such a noble and at the same time easy to maintain material on the roof, two words are enough: porcelain stoneware (or ARDOGRES® Ceramic Slate). In general, porcelain stoneware has reached the highest levels
high in terms of surface beauty, graphic fidelity and adherence to original materials, so much so that it is difficult to choose between porcelain stoneware and natural materials, and this applies to interior floor and wall coverings, as
for building facades and roof coverings.

Specifically, ARDOGRES® porcelain stoneware tiles are a perfect replica that captures all the basic aesthetic qualities, adding a currently unavoidable feature: absolute durability with
50-year warranty. A porcelain stoneware surface is synonymous with inalterability, durability and, above all, practicality of use.


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