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Ceramic Slate roof tiles

When extensive experience in the ceramic industry meets roofing, quality always benefits. And aesthetics too. Over 40 years of experience and the combined use of technologies and know-how from both sectors have led to the creation of Ardogres Ceramic Slate Roofing Systems: Unique roof tiles, crafted with great dedication and precision by a dynamic company, focused on constant research of technologies and production processes that enable it to offer its customers an impeccable product. In durability, ease of use, and appearance.

The Ardogres porcelain stoneware for ceramic slate roofing boasts the best technical features:

  • high resistance to abrasion
  • elevated mechanical characteristics
  • total impermeability to any chemical aggression
  • maximum frost resistance
This revolutionary material is the result of an appropriate blend of different raw materials and a proper definition of the production cycle and parameters of the semi-finished products.
It is composed of one or more crystalline phases immersed in a vitreous base paste and consists of plastic clays with binding functions, less plastic clays that contribute alumina, fluxes, and silica that control shrinkage and any deformations.

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New Catalog 2024

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With great enthusiasm, we present the new ARDOGRES 2024 catalog, showcasing the best in the roofing sector. Our roof tiles, the only ones in porcelain stoneware, have been designed to offer exceptional versatility and are suitable for every style and architectural context, whether in historic or modern environments, mountainous or seaside landscapes, both in the south and the north.

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Catalogo tegole in gres porcellanato effetto pietra
Coperture tetti antigrandine

Unique Solutions

Spirit of innovation. Curiosity. Intelligence. And above all, Research. These are the main ingredients of Our Activity, allowing us to introduce on the market Materials to entrust the safety and aesthetics of Your Roof.

ARDOGRES Ceramic Slate Roofing Systems represent the most innovative and effective solution for covering any roof with the best material that technology, research applied to modern construction, and attention to décor can offer.

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The ceramic slate roof tiles are made of porcelain stoneware with exceptional technical characteristics: high resistance to abrasion, absolute resistance to any chemical aggression, and maximum frost resistance.

Only in this way can we ensure that your structure, your home, and your life receive what they deserve: total protection in every aspect. When the most modern and advanced technology meets a strong aesthetic sense, respectful of tradition, the result is harmonious and perfectly balanced.

Tegole resisteni alla grandine in grès porcellanato

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