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Ardogres: Ceramic Slate roof tiles

ARDOGRES® was founded in 1993 in Fiorano Modenese, in the heart of the Sassuolo district in Italy. It was the first to produce specific roofing roof tiles using porcelain stoneware, an innovative material that completely revolutionized the global ceramic market in the early '90s. The ARDOGRES® roof tiles combine the undeniable characteristics and advantages of porcelain stoneware with the expertise that the company's parent group had acquired in the world of roofing and ceramic production.
From the early years, this revolutionary product has achieved extraordinary market success, thanks to its numerous strengths compared to competing materials, such as high resistance, long-lasting durability, aesthetics, ease of installation, and environmental sustainability.
Prestigious references along this journey include notable projects such as the Genoa Principe Station, the Monumental Cemetery of Turin, and the Autoporto of Aosta.

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Porcelain Stoneware

The term fine porcelain stoneware refers to ceramic wares that are extremely durable and compact, dense, nonporous, obtained by pressing selected clays (kaolins, feldspars) and finely ground and then firing them at about 1220 degrees centigrade, the temperature at which the clays greify

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The great quality of Ardogres roof roof tiles is confirmed by the 50-YEAR GUARANTEE!!!

Ardogres is able to GUARANTEE its products for 50 YEARS : further proof of the quality of the product for its high resistance to abrasion, the 'impermeability to any chemical aggression and high frost resistance, and thanks to the high mechanical properties lends itself to a variety of uses with various types of fixing and laying.

50 Year Warranty - Slate Roofing

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Ardogres roof tile installation

We can assure your Structure to your House and your Life what they deserve: total protection, in all respects. When the most modern and advanced technology meets great aesthetic sense, respectful of tradition, the result is harmonious, and perfectly balanced.

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Ardogres Roofing roof tiles & Accessories

Ardogres product range is all to discover : roof tiles and accessories to make the roofing of your home : top-quality materials to make it safe and durable, great-looking shapes and colors

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Why Ardogres

Water Resistance

It is water resistant and totally waterproof (0.05% absorption)

Resistance to Hail

It is resistant to hail.

Wind resistance

It is wind-resistant due to the laying system that promotes runoff and the double screwing with which each element is fastened

Chemical resistance

It is resistant to widespread chemical and acid attacks (acid rain), inputrescent, and impervious to fungi and mosses.

Impact resistance

It is resistant to abrasion and impact.

Heat resistance

It is heat resistant due to the baking process at 1250° and frost resistant.