Roof tile 25X40 Pentax St. Michel


  • Code: A00423
  • Size: 25X40 - 10"X6"
  • Colour: St. Michel Grey
  • Format: Pentax
  • The 25x40 "Pentax" type tile is an ideal choice for roof renovations in mountain and urban buildings, offering an excellent combination of style and durability. With its slate effect and "St. Michel Gray" color, this tile presents a refined fusion of traditional stone aesthetics and modern design.

    The ceramic slate finish provides remarkable strength, adapting well to the challenging weather conditions of mountain areas. The "St. Michel Gray" color adds a touch of elegance and restraint, creating a visual effect that complements its surroundings, whether mountain or urban.

    With dimensions of 25x40, the "Pentax" tile simplifies the installation process, allowing uniform coverage on roofs of different sizes. The combination of versatile design, durability and ease of installation makes this tile an ideal choice for renovation projects that seek to combine contemporary aesthetics with the tradition of mountain and urban construction.

    Text for "specification item" 25X40

    Roofing shall be achieved by supplying and installing porcelain stoneware tiles called "ceramic slate," equipped with slotted holes (for fixing with screws on battens) and retaining edges of size 25X40.

    Colors: Slate Black, Stone Gray, Morzine, St. Michel, Old Cedar, Red Cedar Aravis.

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