Roof tile 40X40 Ostuni White


  • Code: A00225
  • Size: 40X40 - 16"X16"
  • Colour: White Ostuni
  • Format: 40X40 - 16
  • Building roofs, facades and ventilated roofs are often considered simple architectural elements without much implication. However, roofing color can play a significant role in energy efficiency and overall environmental impact. Among the many options available, white roofing has proven particularly beneficial as both a defense against the sun and global warming, while at the same time offering a modern and elegant design.

    Features of the new ARDOGRES WHITE OSTUNI 40X40 roof tiles:

    Solar Reflectance: white roofing tiles are designed to reflect a significant amount of sunlight instead of absorbing it, unlike dark roofing tiles. This helps reduce heating and overheating of the building, especially on hot summer days.

    Thermal insulation: solar reflection also contributes to the thermal insulation of the building. By lowering heat absorption, white shingles help maintain cooler indoor temperatures, thus decreasing the need for air conditioning systems, resulting in energy savings.

    Less heat island effect: the heat island effect is a phenomenon in which urban areas are significantly warmer than surrounding rural areas. White shingles can help reduce this phenomenon, as they reflect more heat than dark shingles, which absorb it instead.

    Defense against global warming and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: the use of white shingles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to energy consumption for cooling buildings. Lower energy consumption means lower CO2 emissions, thus less impact on global warming. This feature assumes considerable importance in relation to European directives related to "Green Homes."

    Solar Light Reflectance: white tiles also help to reflect some of the sunlight that would otherwise be absorbed by the house, thus helping to keep the temperature of the entire urban area lower.

    Modern and Elegant Design: modern design tends toward minimalism, and white roofing goes perfectly with this aesthetic, providing a clean and elegant look to the building. Use for ventilated facades, as well as for roofing, should also be carefully considered.

    Interior Lighting: White roofing reflects sunlight into living spaces, contributing to more natural light and creating a more pleasant environment.

    Wide Applications: ARDOGRES WHITE OSTUNI 40X40 tiles adapt to a wide range of architectural styles, from modern to industrial, futuristic to traditional. This versatility allows the color white to be used in both new construction and renovations, for both ventialte wall and roof coverings.

    Learn more about White Tiles by Ardogres.

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