Roof of the 'Banco San Paolo' in Donnas/Pont-Saint-Martin (AO) - Italy

Modern roofing with Stone Grey 25X40

Roof tile: 25X40 Grigio Pietra

In Aosta valley, between Pont-Saint-Martin and Donnas, Ardogres covered this modern building in the early 2000s.

In this case, Grigio Pietra and St.Michel 40X40 tiles were not used, which reproduce the Valdostan losa, and which are very popular in the area.

Instead, they opted for Grigio Pietra 25X40, which suits the modern structure of the building.

After more than 20 years, the roof still appears in its original appearance and proves that Ardogres shingles, unlike other roofs tiles, do not deteriorate or change colour.

This is in spite of the climatic conditions in the area, characterised by large temperature fluctuations and heavy snowfall.

Realization details

  • Roof type 25X40 Morzine
  • Colour Grigio Pietra
  • Size 25X40
  • Format -

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