Roof restoration of the Vittoria Palace in Alassio (SV) - Italy

Renovation of an historic building with Slate Black - Nero Ardesia 40X40

Roof tile: 40X40 - Nero Ardesia

"Palazzo Vittoria" (Victoria Palace) is one of the most important buildings in this Ligurian town, and overlooks the sea, the main square and the "carruggio", the famous 'budello di Alassio'.

In the past, it was Hotel Victoria, adjacent to the Alassio Municipal Casino, which was later transferred to San Remo in the 1930s.

In 1998, the roof was completely restored using Ardogres Nero Ardesia 40X40 flat shingles (Slate Black), which reproduce the colour and the shape of the original Ligurian slate tiles. It was therefore deemed suitable for use on a building of such historical significance.

More than 25 years later, the tiles maintain the same characteristics and, in particular, have not undergone any changes in colour or breakage, despite exposure to salt and weather such as the October 2018 sea storm.

In addition to Victoria Palace, other roofs made with Ardogres can be found in Alassio, Albenga and Laigueglia. The formats used are 25X40 with traditional double or triple laying "Genoese-style pose" and 40X40 with rhomboidal laying "French pose", typical of western Liguria.

Realization details

  • Roof tile: 40X40 - Nero Ardesia
  • Colour Nero Ardesia
  • Size 40X40
  • Roof type 40X40 Morzine

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